**~~ Learn Spanish! ~~**

You can do it. Of course it takes time and effort

but with a great teacher to help you, you can do it!

I am Yaira, a native Spanish speaker with years of experience teaching both beginners and advanced students. I will give you a solid foundation while also making classes fun and interesting.

I am Panamanian, born and raised in Chiriqui Province. If you want to visit or live in Panama I can tell you about the local culture and customs while teaching you the local language. You will have such a better experience here if you can communicate and get to know the lovely people who live in Panama. Even a little Spanish is very helpful.

Classes are given over the internet so times can be arranged for your location and at your convenience, while having the benefits of a private tutor and individual attention. You can go at your own pace and focus on your own needs.

I use Skype, a free program that runs on any computer platform. You will need a computer with an internet connection, and a microphone. Many perfer a headset to decrease background noise and distractions. With Skype we can talk, use video to see each other, write using the chat feature, and share files as needed. I have found this works as well as sitting together in a classroom. You can arrange classes daily, weekly, or whatever meets your needs. Contact me and we will discuss your goals and make a plan together.

Prices start at $10/hour, with discounts for package deals or multiple classes per week. Write and tell me your goals and preferences and we will find a package that meets your needs. Payment can be arranged by Western Union or MoneyGram.


Send me an email at YairaTutoria@Gmail.com

and we will get you started right away!

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