DSS Panama

Disinfection & Sterilization Specialists of Panama

DSS Panama provides advanced and comprehensive disinfection and sterilization solutions that help businesses and private individuals combat the viruses, bacteria, mold and fungus that can develop in the air, on surfaces and on hands.

Microbes, like bacteria, fungi, viruses and algae, are able to grow in environments of all types and on surfaces of all kinds. Some of these microbes contribute to odors, discoloration and mildew. Some are pathogenic and can cause illness.

Today, it is important to go beyond what is visible to the naked eye and control germs on a microbial level. Our antimicrobial solutions destroy microbes mechanically and prevents the breeding of superbugs – all while protecting against 99.99% of common illness-causing pathogens.

We believe our comprehensive approach to deep sanitation is helping redefine clean. We do not do hospitals or clinics and limit any possibility of cross contamination by disinfecting our equipment and clothes before we visit your home.

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