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Hello, I’m a software developer from DFW, TX; I’ve been living in Panamá since 2013, and have been programming since 2014. Starting out in web game development, I’ve branched out; I can create custom websites that are secure and fast. I make sure my websites are safe from XSS attacks and SQL injection, and have SEO; I can handle databases, and user accounts with login sessions.

My websites always look nice and modern on mobile devices, with accessibility being one of my top priorities; and I keep my websites fast and performant by staying away from colossal, Byzantine frameworks and libraries, utilizing instead lightweight ones that are easy on both the server and the client. I can competently handle the following modern web technologies:

• JavaScript

• HTML5 and CSS3

• TypeScript

• WebGL (versions 1 and 2)

• Python, and Flask

• SQLAlchemy

• Tailwind CSS

• React

• Next JS

I have created a blog, several games, and have given a presentation to UNACHI.” *

* Click here to see my certificate from UNACHI:

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