Chox Artisan Chocolate

Artisan Chocolate made on premises from 100% organic Panamanian cacao.

We start with organic, fair trade cocoa beans from the Bocas del Toro Region of Panama, which impart a smooth, low-acid chocolate flavor with undertones of caramel. We roast, grind and refine the beans to perfection. CHOX dark chocolate is offered with a cocoa content of 65%, 70%, 80%, 90% and 100%. Our milk chocolate combines a 43% cocoa content with a 50/50 mix of sugar and whole milk powder. Our white chocolate is created without the dominant sugar content that is commonly used in most processes on the market.

Finally, for our truffles, we add cream and butter, and a variety of natural fruit purees, nuts, fresh herbs and spices, to create creamy, elegant ganaches and caramels that dance on your palate.

Chocolate Classes

Our classes include a step-by-step guide to making chocolates.

You will experience in our workshop, using artisanal methods and technologies, the process of turning the cocoa bean into various bars and chocolates.

  • Classes provide hands-on experience: pouring, piping, dipping, decorating, and packing.
  • In the end, you walk away with almost half a pound of chocolate, the memory of a wonderful experience, and a big chocolate smile on your face!

Available at the Tue Mkt – TapOut


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