Cafés de la Luna is grown at an altitude of 1450 meters on Finca Dos Jefes in El Salto. Our ripened cherries are sun dried and processed using the Natural Method (Dry Process). We employ the best sustainable practices and farm in alliance with the phases of the moon. It is our belief the return to this ancient farming practice produces the healthiest trees and the highest quality coffee under the moon.

Our Coffee Selection:

Full Moon Arabica (Dark Roast)

Half Moon Arabica (Medium Roast)

Geisha New Moon (Light Roast)

Pacamara Half Moon (Medium Roast)

Also Available:

Cascara (Coffee Cherry Tea)

*Custom roasts available on all our varieties*

Pre-order your coffee for a 25% discount when you pickup at the BCP Tuesday Market (Arco Iris)

For more information please contact our General Manager, Amy Pescod at

Amy: +507.6591.3522

Richard: +507.6677.7748

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